Release Notes

  • Launching FocusCuts

    Today, we are proud and excited to launch FocusCuts.

    At WWDC 2021, Apple announced that the Mac would be receiving some incredible updates with the release of macOS Monterey. These announcements, especially the addition of Shortcuts for the Mac and Focus Modes further cemented the Mac as an excellent tool for power users. In our view, however, there was one omission. There is no way to tell if a Focus Mode is enabled or which Focus Mode is active with Shortcuts. We quickly realised this information isn’t something you can find on iOS, but you can on the Mac!

    The Shortcuts app with the FocusCuts actions

    During development, we also saw another opportunity; we could build a better menu bar application for Shortcuts. The Shortcuts Menu Bar application is excellent, but it’s always the same—whether you’re on your work laptop or your personal device, if you’re in a movie watching mode or trying to get on with some writing. With FocusCuts however, your menu bar is contextual. You choose which Shortcuts you want to appear in which Focus Mode and those are what show up, keeping all the unnecessary clutter hidden out of the way until you need it. If you want to skip the hassle of adding Shortcuts regularly (especially when building or reworking your automated productivity systems), then you can take advantage of the folder watching functionality.

    We hope that the combination of useful actions inside Shortcuts, and smarter Shortcuts in your Menu Bar will earn FocusCuts a small place on your Mac.