Shortcuts Actions

Shortcuts App Icon Get Currently Active Focus Mode

This action tells you the name of the currently active Focus Mode, or if you don’t have any Focus Modes active, the action returns “No Focus Mode active.” It also returns the same properties as the List Focus Modes action.


Alongside Is Focus Mode Active, this action can be used as part of a Shortcut to change which actions your Shortcut runs, or even stop it completely.

Shortcuts App Icon Is Focus Mode Active

This action will return true or false depending on whether the given Focus Mode is active.

Shortcuts App Icon List Focus Modes

This action returns a list of your Focus Modes. Each Focus Mode is returned as an object with the following attributes:

  • Name
  • Tint Colour
  • Symbol Image Name
  • Next Scheduled Start
  • Next Scheduled End
Selecting an attribute of a Focus Mode in ShortCuts

Right-click on the Focus Modes variable where you have used it to see the other properties.